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Our Team

Avan Construction was founded in 2005 by Sati Yuksek. For the first several years the company flourished as primarily a remodeling contractor. Despite the young age of the company, Avan quickly found success working on multiple high-end renovations. After a few years, the company expanded its services to include commercial projects, eventually progressing to more extensive construction endeavors.


In 2009, Avan marked a significant milestone by completing a noteworthy $3.4 million contract—a 44-unit townhome rehab project that included the complete renovation of 24 units and the rebuild of 20 units. Simultaneously, Avan's commercial expertise continued to evolve, with involvement in projects such as a 272-room hotel rehab and multiple restaurant tenant buildouts.

Presently, Avan Construction excels in a diverse range of construction disciplines. In the residential sector, Avan has crafted an impressive portfolio of design-built homes and has undertaken the construction of numerous custom homes for private clients. On the commercial side, Avan has demonstrated versatility by successfully executing projects ranging from small-scale tenant work to multi-million-dollar commercial centers.

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